Streak. A term many young people today are well-acquainted with. Probably Snapchat came to mind, the moment you read the topic of this write-up. No, unfortunately I won’t be addressing any of our favourite Social media applications today.

On the contrary, I will be talking about building a streak with God. With Godddd? You must be wondering what His Snapchat handle is (I don’t know either, sis). In fact, I doubt God has a mobile device, not to even talk of a heavenly version of Snapchat.

Now, what exactly is a streak and how do you build one? A streak is a term often associated with Snapchat and it basically involves sending a snap (any form of media content) to the people you intend to streak with. The most important part of streak building is the time and effort required to build one  –  you have to send in a snap everyday or else the streak dies. (Similarly, we sever ties with God if He never hears from us). There have been incidents where I have seen friends bicker and argue because one person allowed a streak to die. Two people who are complete strangers can literally stay in touch every single day just to keep the streak alive and going. Snapchat then allocates days to show how long its been going on for. Since I try to find revelation in literally everything, It led me to think about our lives as Christians and our interactions with God. Majority of us can’t boast of  having a daily communication with Him and yet we are able to streak with people we sometimes don’t even know for 150/200 days on end.


Reflection: If God kept a score  for everyday we kept in touch with Him the way Snapchat does, what would yours be?

It becomes a problem when we would rather communicate with what was created, instead of  the Creator Himself. I am not against streaking with friends, far from it. I am only asking that we also build a streak with our greatest friend; our Father in Heaven. Relatively, it is even an easier streak to build and keep, because there is no Wifi or data plan required. All one needs is faith and a willing, humble heart. Well, how do we do that? How does one stay in constant communication (streak) with God? I am certainly not perfect at it either but since the beginning of the year, the following have helped me be consistent in my walk with God:


  1. Prayer

This is a Christian’s main means of communication with God. A ‘prayerless’ Christian is a powerless one. Prayer not only allows us to put forth our requests, but it also allows us to intercede for others and give thanks to God (they are both equally important reasons why we pray). It doesn’t have to last for hours – a meaningful 5 minute prayer can be as effective as an hour long prayer. It really isn’t about the length of time you spend praying. Matthew 6:7 has an important thing to say about prayer. It asks us to be concise in prayer and to avoid meaningless repetitions. An effective thing to do will be to set an alarm that reminds you everyday to pray for a certain amount of time.

Reminder: Queens, you have no business keeping the company of a man who can’t pray. 



2. Scripture

Are we really children of God if we aren’t well versed with the word? This is probably the biggest challenge for me. I have the Bible App on my phone so most times I think it’s just enough to read the verse of the day but it isn’t – God doesn’t delight in mediocrity and half-heartedness. Deeper Bible study yields deeper revelations. Highlight verses and memorize them. Pray the scriptures and promises of God. The word of God is good for reinforcing your standards and reminding yourself of your identity in Christ.

Reminder: You’re redeemed, worthy, forgiven and set apart.

3.  Devotional Plans

I can’t possibly talk about devotional plans without mentioning YouVersion. It is a bible app that allows you to choose from a wide variety of bible plans and even categorizes them. So far, I have completed 76 plans and the best plan I’ve read on there is titled Sacred Search by Gary Thomas.

It is important to remember that devotionals should supplement God’s word, they shouldn’t replace it. 

4. Godly community

The idea of community comes from the sense of responsibility we have for each other. James 5:16 asks that we confess our sins to each other and pray for each other. The important thing about the company we keep is that they rub off on us. It wouldn’t make sense for a volleyball student to employ a basketball tutor – In the same way, as someone seeking to grow in your walk with God, it doesn’t make sense to keep the company of lazy and inconsistent Christians. Someone might wonder, if godly community is the only company we are supposed to keep, how then do we help others in their walk with God? The answer is simple…

Evangelism isn’t friendship; you can help someone in their walk with God without being their friend. Also, your desire to help others in their Christian walk with God should be balanced with your mandate to keep yours with Him. 

5. Sermons, Podcasts & Blogs

They are a great way of staying in touch with God. If you haven’t already seen it, go watch Michael Todd’s ‘Relationship Goals’, I absolutely loved it. Another sermon I loved was ‘Where’s bae’ by Dharius Daniels. Podcasts also help, the Transformation Church podcast is very good. Blogs I would recommend include Barry & Rabby, Desiring God, Queen in grooming and of course, mine.

Queens, stay in touch with God – He’s King before anyone else.

*Another thing I practice that has really helped me in my walk is regularly unplugging. I randomly deactivate  my social media  accounts to make time for God. We spend a lot of time swiping screens, peering into other people’s lives when our own lives are going awry. Dull down all the noise and silently listen in to hear from God on  a daily basis.




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